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Newsletter – September 2012

Action Alert

Hello fellow zero wasters.

The HWMA Board meets in two days. Item #8 on their agenda is formation of the Strategic Planning PAC (Planning Advisory Committee). If you’ve been keeping up with our news bulletins you know that the composition and selection of the PAC will determine to a huge extent the kind of public input the HWMA Board receives about the scope and content of the strategic plan they will be developing over the next six months.

The plan will, among other things, determine how materials are recycled in the county for the next decade. It is crucial that the PAC have complete and balanced stakeholder participation in order to advocate for processing of all recycled materials in Humboldt County, and that there is a role for community based recyling centers.

The planning consultants, R3 Consulting Group, are recommending a selection process that will not give us what we need. (See pp 45-50 in the attached HWMA Board Meeting packet).

We are proposing an alternative that will produce an inclusive and balanced PAC. (See our attached letter).

To have the ZWH Alternative selected as the preferred method, we will need to have a demonstration of public support in the form of emails to the Board. We wish the timeline for responding was longer but the agenda and packet was posted only a few days ago.

What you can do: Please take the time to send a one line email to the HWMA Board at Put “Agenda Item #8 — Adopt ZWH Alternative” in the subject header. Say “We would like you to use the ZWH Alternative for formation of the PAC”.

Thank you for your valuable assistance!

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