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Newsletter – Jan 2013

10 Steps To Reduce Your Waste In 2013

It’s a new year and the perfect time to commit to new habits. Here are ten suggestions that will set you on the zero waste path. Read more at:

ZWH Urges The HWMA To Make Economic Development An IWMP Goal!

When community members showed up at Humboldt Waste Management Authority and local government meetings over a year ago to voice support for renewal of the HWMA recycling contract with the Arcata Community Recycling Center, they made it clear the public supported value-added recycling.

Now, midway through the HWMA strategic planning process,, ZWH has made it clear in a letter to their Board, planning consultants and Planning Advisory Committee that a numeric
ZWH Urges The HWMA To Make Economic Development An IWMP Goal!
waste diversion goal is not enough. The plan will effect how waste is managed regionally for the next decade. ZWH is urging the Board to establish a plan goal of supporting and facilitating creation and growth of businesses that prevent waste and add value to secondary materials. (See 11.1.12 and 12.28.12 Comments from Zero Waste Humboldt in the Public Comments section of the Strategic Planning webpage on HWMA‘s website

Write an email by Monday January 28 to HWMA Board members and alternates (cut and paste addresses below) and cc us at .
“Promoting waste reduction and values-added recycling in Humboldt County”!
In the subject header paste in: HWMA Strategic Plan: Include A Stand-alone Economic Development Goal.
Tell them you support inclusion of the stand-alone economic development goal proposed by ZWH. Request your letter is posted on HWMA’s Strategic Plan webpage.
Addresses: Sherman Schapiro <>, John Maxwell <>, Jack Thompson <>, Alex Stillman <>, Frank Wilson <>, Ken Mierzwa <>, Michelle McCall-Wallace <>, Lance Madsen <>, Mark Lovelace <>, Virginia Bass <>, Mike Newman <>, Shane Brinton <>

September – December 2012 Accomplishments

Since sending our last newsletter in August, ZWH volunteers have been busy advocating, educating and putting into practice the zero waste goal and philosophy.
In the past three months we’ve worked on several advocacy, waste reduction and public outreach and education projects.

Advocacy issues include:
• Development of local single use plastic bag ban ordinances
• Development of local polystyrene food container ban ordinances
• Humboldt Waste Management Authority monitoring
• Protecting the former ACRC dual stream MRF as regional infrastructure, regaining local
flow control, creating a regional planning context for recycling Read our Times-Standard
Op/Ed column at:
• Participating in the HWMA Strategic Planning Process by providing written testimony about the process itself and plan scope and mission; writing print media op/ed articles;
Recommending Planning Advisory Committee (PAC) candidates, and serving on the Planning Advisory Committee. ( We support creation of a coordinated county-wide
IWMP with zero waste and value-added economic development goals.)
• Participating in development of the Prosperity 2012! County Economic Development Plan as an advocate for making development of waste reduction and value-added reuse businesses an economic development target and grant funding priority. (See 11.1.12 Comments from Zero Waste Humboldt in Public Comments section of the HWMA Strategic Planning Use link above.
”Promoting waste reduction and values-added recycling in Humboldt County”!

Public outreach and education activity highlights:
• “Environmentally Responsible Business”, Margaret Gainer, prepared for Arcata Chamber of Commerce Annual Award Committee, October 2012
• “In Any Event You Can Zero Out Your Waste” Margaret Gainer, The Arcata Eye, 11/12/12
• “Think Prevention For Business Waste Management” Margaret Gainer, Times-Standard Business Sense column, 10/21/12
• “Reducing Our Way To Zero Waste” Margaret Gainer, Econews, October-November 2012“reducing”-our-way-zero-waste/
Public Speaking / Presentations
• Partnering with HSU Dick Lansis’ Environmental Science Senior Capstone Course to
recruit volunteers Awareness Raising Activities
• September 15-16 North Country Fair ZWH booth, signed up ZWH volunteers and conducted survey.
• Participation in County Economic Development Strategy plan update process. Waste Reduction Projects
• Coordinated successful September 15-16 North Country Fair waste diversion project, recruited and trained volunteer team, local media publicity
• Coordinating local event waste reduction project working group, researching options, developing partnerships with businesses.
Our 2013 Priorities
• Complete incorporation as a 501c(3) organization
• Increase our capacity to influence local waste policy by growing and establishing
collaborative relations with local environmental organizations and zero waste advocacy
• Inform the local business community and public of waste reduction opportunities and
• Coordinate an outdoor event waste reduction project, and
• Continue to advocate for local and regional waste management policies and decisions that
optimize economy of scale efficiencies creation of value-added commercial uses of secondary materials

Our effectiveness will be substantially determined by the amount of support receive from our community friends.. Please donate, volunteer, or otherwise assist.
“Promoting waste reduction and values-added recycling in Humboldt County”!
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Zero Waste Week – 2013

WHERE: San Francisco Bay Area
WHEN: March 17-23
WHAT: NCRA’s annual Zero Waste Update -A two day conference focusing on the best of what’s “new and different”; ZWIA’s day-long 8th International Dialog; and a week of activities – Zero Waste Week – tours, receptions, speaking engagements and meetings. Attendees will include discard management and recycling professionals, service providers and activists as well as local, regional, state and national elected officials and policy-makers and members of the media covering sustainability, zero waste, reuse, recycling, composting and EPR. Go to our website for more info. about ride sharing, cheap housing and events.
Thank you 2012 North Country Fair Volunteers!
“Promoting waste reduction and values-added recycling in Humboldt County”!

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