Many Humboldt County residents, businesses, and schools are concerned about our growing food waste problem due to the detrimental impacts it has on the environment and human health. Food and other organics that are discarded into the landfill produce methane, a potent greenhouse gas emission that furthers the climate crisis. In order to fight against climate change, we all need to collectively reduce our food and trash waste. Although proper recycling is important, reducing our consumption of single use plastics and trash altogether will have a greater impact on protecting our environment. With training and public education, Zero Waste Humboldt’s goal is to encourage every human to do their part in contributing to a low waste planet.

• Food Waste Solutions Video -Juliette Bohn, ZWH Zero Waste Solutions Speaker Series (10-29-2015)

For the most efficient method to reduce food waste and achieve the highest and best use of discarded or surplus food, the US E.P.A. Hierarchy for Food Waste Recovery is widely used. “Source Reduction” is best understood as ”Waste Prevention” at the source, and at the point-of-purchase.

Food waste prevention is the top priority, through proactive decision-making, advance planning, and training to minimize surplus, leftovers, and spoilage.
Edible food rescue to feed people is the 2nd priority and widespread practice in coordination with Humboldt’s excellent network of pantries and food recovery organizations.
Working with local farmers to provide animal feed is the 3rd priority.
Working with local food waste collection services for composting into a rich soil amendment is the 4 th priority. Finally, local governments are working cooperatively to develop centralized processing and other future services.
California Food Waste Reduction Legislation

Zero Waste Humboldt specializes in providing waste reduction solutions
through public education, advocacy, and technical assistance and training.

ZWH provides services on traditional Wiyot territory. We are learning to participate in processes to acknowledge historical atrocities, honor the sovereignty of Native Tribes/Nations, and find ways to engage in developing deeper relationships and true partnerships with our neighbors of Wiyot and other indigenous ancestry. To support the efforts of the Wiyot Tribe and to learn more, contact:   and .




Packaging Analysis Report for the Arcata COOP

Zero Waste Humboldt conducted packaging research, led by Dr. Julie Layshock, for the North Coast Co-op prepared foods section that has been a reference tool for several businesses.

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