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Zero Waste Is A Goal And Plan

Zero Waste Humboldt’s mission is to reduce waste in Humboldt County, California. The organization formed to fill a void in science-based and creative problem-solving for waste reduction in industry and commerce, government, schools, community organizations, and homes. Inspired by the natural beauty and cultures of the Redwood Coast region, Zero Waste Humboldt assembles extraordinary teams of experts to produce the best solutions for local waste. Emphasizing resource conservation, waste prevention and achieving highest and best use of materials diverted from disposal, we have adopted the international Zero Waste Principles as the foundation for our work. We welcome you to join us!


Bayside Beachcomber Café making their business ethics clear!

ZWH wants to feature Humboldt businesses that are models for implementing the zero waste commitment. Among the Humboldt County Zero Waste early adopters are the Beachcomber Cafes in Trinidad and Bayside. Their commitment to waste reduction practices throughout their business, inspires their customers. If you know of inspiring local waste reduction models, notify us at so that we can showcase them.

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Thank you, Jane!

After its Wednesday, May 13, 2015 directors meeting, the Zero Waste...